Saturday, 27 April 2019


The Album Life is Hell was Released 21st April at  Party for Barney it is available to buy at Gigs £10 or Mail Order plus p&p and will be released digitally in July for download

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  1. There is so much talent at the moment in the North East of England, but this band from Billingham, seem to improve constantly. They get better by the CD. Life is Hell is an awesome album,great singalong tunes,anthems I think they call them in this day.Every track is quality and instantly infectious. After getting my copy it hasn't been out of my player in the car, as well as playing it on Spotify. I will not single any track out in particular as they are all great. Our Alternative Aycliffe pink show on a Wednesday night 2000-2200 regularly blasts a track. It is well produced and thus studio sound is almost replicated in their live reproduction. If you haven't got a copy yet Gaz and Alby from Alternative Aycliffe URGE YOU to do so at the earliest opportunity. Long live the music and bands like Snideremarks!