Saturday, 31 October 2020

Gig Cancellations

 Well Covid Restrictions have scuppered our November Gigs in Wigan Thornaby and Workington 

New Band Member Bri Kid Chaos


The Snide Remarks are pleased to announce the arrival on second guitar of Bri ‘Kid chaos’ Anthony lead guitarist and co songwriter of northern alt rock band Floral Detectives. He will be combining his duties with both bands and is looking forward to the adventures ahead.


Kid Chaos  comes from interview Capt Sensible and I were doing for Solent radio says Bri  after doing Isle of Wight festival. They asked who I was and Capt said ‘him he’s a real kid chaos. Then it stuck from then on. Bri previous band history Captain,Damned,Flowers for Romance and a little Cult

Thursday, 15 October 2020

 Last Remaining Gig not cancelled  for 2020 is The Boulevard Wigan 28th November obviously this will be subject to how Covid Restrictions Pan Out