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Gig Review: 999 + Support at The Georgian Theatre, Stockton – 19/01/2018
Snide Remarks at The Georgian Theatre Stockton
Photography by Shahla White

Four bands for a tenner – what a bargain.

Tonight’s proceedings open with Kickback Generation’s politically-charged angry punk rock shouting out against today’s austerity-driven capitalist society. Songs are thrashed out with soaring punk guitar, some cracking riffs, and thumping rhythms. Best of all, it all stays tuneful. Blisteringly fast, forceful and angry but never shouty, Kickback Generation wear their influences with pride: there are hints of The Clash, UK Subs and a whole host of great bands from ‘77/’78 pop up. There’s even a bit of buzzsaw guitar and that’s no bad thing.

The Hangmen knock us about with their full-on psychobilly rock ‘n’ roll. They’re loud and they’re fast and their songs are not about the niceties of life – tales of murder, hell and death are thrown out over a backdrop of rumbling double bass and pounding drums. From full-on punk to heavy blues, it’s all delivered with real kick-ass energy.

Snide Remarks hit you with a full-on sonic assault that’s both solid punk rock and great entertainment. While bass, guitar and drums hold it all together in a somewhat cool manner, singer Baz stays still for barely a second. Leaping around the stage, leaping off the stage, in the crowd, in your face, there’s no chance of your mind wandering onto anything else. This is banging singalong punk rock covering everything from social ills and losing your loved one to the joys of the weekend. Top stuff.

You know you’re going to have a good time when 999 play. Delivering a set that covers their 40+ year career, it’s full of those distinct guitar riffs from Guy Days and the unmistakable vocals of Nick Cash. The flat out breakneck speed of ‘Nasty Nasty’, ‘Hit Me’ and ‘I’m Alive’ mixed up with the almost poppy singalong punk of songs such as ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘Biggest Prize In Sport’ and ‘Boys In The Gang’, and add in the classics ‘Feelin’ Alright With The Crew’, ‘Emergency’ and ‘Homicide’, and this was a set of top class tunes from one of the original ’76 punk bands.


STP Records Gig Manchester Star n Garter
January 2012!
Photo By... STP Records.

A long day in the cold meant I turned up to this gig a bit tired, with muddy boots and with a chill in my bones only a good dose of Cognac would shift. Thankfully this was an early start and an early finish and thoughts of a warm bed didn't seem that far away. Ooooh man!

Arriving in more than fine time despite the busy day it was no surprise at the faces and disgraces who I encountered hanging around in the doorway. Sam and Babs of the STP triumvirate were on door duties, that rockin' lass Katie from Pedigree Skum was hovering before her set, Stu himself was mooching with only a T-shirt protecting his ample body from the elements and Tim 'Punk4Life' Davies came out of hibernation and chatted away. One surprise though was a vision I didn't expect - that of Arthur Billingsley also known as Arturo Bassick and frontman of that exceptional (and too often overlooked band) The Lurkers. Where has this dude been? A good catch up was had, chits and chats with many more faces taken and a beer downed before the first band were up, at it and delivering to what was a decent crowd.

Pedagree Skum are a band who play it very retro and change their direction many times throughout the set and so keep one intrigued. The opening songs today were a reflection of this but alas were absolutely hammered by a dreadful sound that saw feedback creep in and slight befuddlement rein. Vocally the start was a strain as the sonics were just not right and front lass Katie was given a rough old ride although she got on with it and kept it as raw and real as you like. Add to this I felt the band started in a somewhat under-rehearsed style and they did seem quite slack in parts and not really flowing as they should. As the set progressed however more uniformity was had and the lead lady started moving more and displaying a sanguinity one would expect from someone so colourful and attentive to her looks. The range of styles was good and the band are obviously trying to push themselves in many directions and throughout the second half of the outpouring gained a good degree of success. Songs regarding alcoholism and domestic violence as well as a ditty about statistics (Standard Deviation) all displayed a thought behind the product and at the end of the offering my verdict had improved. Decent band who are trying and with a bit more tweaking, twanging and overall 'ooomph' will progress into a feisty machine for sure. As usual - watch this space.

Destination Venus have been on a self inflicted hiatus and I hadn't witnessed these guys in action for nigh on 7 years. This was their first performance back into the punk rock pit and man what a fuckin' good do it was. From first to last the melody was high, the rhythm attractive and the energy levels controlled and yet visually busy. The man at the fore sang in tune, with great passion and star jumped, jigged and pow powed his way to glory with his fellow musical minstrels creating some fruity pop punk rock and roll that was an utter, utter joy. The band looked as though they were feeling lucky and certainly didn't hang around whilst delivering one wham bam number after another. They let it go, rattling along and exuding a noise that defied the shitty sound system and with songs of many flavours Destination Venus really stamped forth the fact they are back with a bang. And again - watch this!

The Snide Bit...

Snide Remarks are a band I know nothing about so this review is as embryonic and virginal as it seems and although initial instincts can be misleading I can only scribble down what I feel and about the sonic rush that hit me. Looking at the band individually the guitar player kept a stern look upon is face, made sure things were kept powered up, riffed and without too much complication and stayed pretty static throughout whereas the bassist moved a little more, maintained some good rhythm and filled in any vacancies within the acoustic void that snuck in here and there. A good duo for sure with a steady sticks man at the back and a sanguine singer at the front all contributing to a good powerful package that just seemed to get better and better with each noise laden thrust. Leaping from the stage the vocal voodoo man went forth to spread his melodic magic and did so with gusto, spirit and in yer face insistence (and there ain't nowt wrong with that). The band left on the stage ploughed on and kept the ship stable and were soon rejoined by their now perspiring partner. A few more forays into the crowd by the front gob, a couple of water based assaults and we were done with a ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ to close. Impression made - yes very solid indeed.

An Arthur Bliss, a wag of the chin and back up for the most anticipated band of the night - Loaded 44. The band came, bared their acoustic arses and were raped quite appallingly by the sound system and so at three quarters way through I left them to it. The two songs I used as a yardstick were the epic 'Drop That Bomb' and 'Say Nothing' both of which are choice offerings but tonight were polluted innocents ruined by acoustics hell-bent on destruction. Throughout this was a nightmare and I felt sorely let down and as a result I do need to catch up with this lot real soon. I won't hammer on, the in house PA was a new un' and teething problems are par for the course so there I shall leave it - disappointed and desiring another fix. Bastard!

So another STP show and although not the ending I wanted the gig was as per usual of high quality. 4 good bands for 4 golden nuggets at a venue that is always welcoming and filled with noisy memories. The crowd tonight was pretty decent too with some real reliables turning up and contributing to what is a solid core to build upon. The show must go on and in what steadier hands could it continue than those of Stu Taylor - this wandering bugger appreciates it and long may it thrive.

review by Fungalpunk/OMD (29 January 2012)

Review by Scott Fatpunk- SCARBROUGH
23th Feb.2013 - Stockton Punk Fest at The Georgian Theatre (Night for Nigsi)

Next up was SNIDE REMARKS, first time i'd ever seen them but they were great!, very energetic frontman!, proper loud blaring punk rock!...really good stage presence, great set with a few classic covers thrown in!, great band!! :)

NORTH EAST MUSIC LIVE- Totally, Utterly, one of the best nights EVER! AFRAID TO SLEEP, SNIDE REMARKS & THE LAST FAKERS were all amazing and made for one of the best nights we have had to date! If you missed last night at The Princess Alice then you missed a stormer ”

Angie Talyor - North East Music Live - 2011


Cracking night at The Eagle Last Night , one of the most energitic punk bands i have seen in a very long time. nice one. The Report were class aswell. ta ”
Vince Race

Snide Remarks are planning to have a new cd out soon  go to the website have a listen, ive seen em theyre very good' " -
Big Figure Promotions  - Stephen Harland  Quote- Remember them doing a session for Radio Tees back in 1981 for Roger Lewis and was amazed to hear the words broadcast - with a track  'your fucking ugly' our Rog was not impressed at all
To hear swearing on commercial radio in those days was non existent .Everyone takes swearing for granted now I distinctly remember Roger saying afterwards good use of the English language there
15TH JULY 2010  
Well what can we say if you aint seen them you will never believe it AWESOME  
The Sun Team 28th Dec 2013
Cracking gig tonight lads! Thank you! You really do  give 110%  and had the place rocking as always  a pleasure working with you

Sam Hoyle- dark daisy promotions

I cut a dash, move swiftly through the intro, time is better spent within the sinew of the sound rather than ponse on the epidermal peripheries. Snide Remarks are tunesmiths from Teesside with influences very much arising from yesteryear, the result of which means that the band will appeal greatest to the more elderly practitioners of punk. That is not to say many a new fruit on the chopping board of cacophony won't be sliced and diced by the blade of noise brandished but I do believe the songs will slant towards the more mature eavesdropper to be fair. Anyway, there is your intro, let us delve together into the following mischief and glut our rotund frameworks with more nutritious noise.
Rotating rhythm number one is scarred with the tag of 'I Love The Weekend', a simply superb liquid aperitif that primarily flows on almost rhapsodic joy and slips down the awaiting gullet with quenching glory. This one is straight to the listening lips, sloshed around with zest and bubbling with that early bird keenness many offerings produce. The animation and underlying levels of excitement and anticipation are motivating and stoke the flames in the belly to rise higher and induce a 'get up, get out there and dance' enthusiasm. You don't need much more than this to start a CD off on a firm flavoursome footing - go on dudes! 'Burglars' is a perky little number despite dealing with the thieving shitbags in our society who cause so much distress and mistrust. These malevolent self-centred cunts need their limbs removing in my gushing opinion which would surely send out a fuckin' firm message to any wanna be robbers - think on. Somehow from the most depressing of themes the band make a jaunt that gets the theme across on chordage and rhythm of high favour and I am somehow coerced into nodding along with this one - bastards. 'All Dressed Up' contains a similar suggestion of sound with more happy-go-luck vibrations bounding from the speakers and delightfully foot-tapping on the aural membranes. Swift and simple with a weaving bass intro, much splash and crash chasing, semi-cavernous, semi-quirky gobbage and a total embracing gush of approachable, unassuming rhythm done with such genuine gusto - well what more do ya want? Oh yeah 'somewhere to go'!
'D. E. B.' is a crisply twinkled love ditty that travels on a texturised substrate of sound which holds much emotive craving and desirous dribblings. A sub-slushy mushy interlude with the main stimulant being the aforementioned delicacies. The execution of this alerted offering is commendable and the vocal style seems most suited to the delivery at hand and this tale of the heart gets by with a nod of agreement although I ain't sure about the abrupt closure. 'Rags To Riches' rock and rolls inwards before adopting a steady stance and going through a safe and stable routine that is hollowed, slightly rumpled and of a WMC dustbin bag style that will undoubtedly be picked up by those not interested in maintaining street cred or sonic intellectuality. Nude noise with warts and all on show but with plenty of nouse to maintain a fuckin' good standard set and to keep we, the mere mortal listeners, intrigued.
4 quick ones for ya with 'Complications' staring with a twilight twinkle before delving into a nitty gritty machine-like method that clanks and wanks away with persistent sub-garaged inflections and loads of lo-fi accents. A grubby little runt that somehow upholds a spasmodic rhythm - a veritable close call methinks. 'Golgotha' comes on initial deep cable shakes before a straight ahead direction with verse/chorus coming at you via a very orthodox routine. The band aren't pushing themselves here, they are somewhat just making a sweet ditty to make a point and keep the flow going. Nothing flamboyant, nothing flaccid and the inner brief explosion of mania shows that the band are not winding down yet. 'We've Got' is a far better song though, a bouncier affair that perks me up no end with its diatribe against systematic error, waste and basic stupidity that is ultimately ruining the future. The mix of angst and acoustic chirpiness is just what the Doctor of Discordance prescribed at this late stage and for me this track will reawaken any waning interest and stop the imps of apathy from clouding your mind (it happens tha' knows - these creeping corrupters are everywhere). The main winning aspect of this latter song, besides the trampolined tune is the appetite, vigour and generous collisions from the stated and almost celebrated - the chorus having especial effect. The last of the quick quartet is designated as 'Nonsense', a ditty that drives from an initial moodiness and soft fragility into a pulsating shimmer that unfolds into a rattle clatter rush along of quirky semi-confusion that becomes stoked with fiery guitar slashes, just on the leash vocals and a plentiful supply of whoa hoa'd encouragement - both lovely and lively - I couldn't ask for more...
but I will...
and so...
'Ugly' is put under the Fungal Radar and given a good attentive listen (several times over) with the verdict being of a capable track that twinges in before cramping up with deliberate organised grinding and a jerky sub-mechanical drift that persists more than it persuades. Touches of red light encouragement are never far away and the whole effort plods along until the last with reliable effect. 'Liberated Woman' is a more cluttered affair, has a distinct contrast between the direct and the drifting with verses routine and chorus cuts semi-collapsing and almost unpredictable. Some good old school guitar work comes in the break, the essence is distinctly of yore and again the vocal input provides identity - by this point you know what you are getting. We greet the final silence via 'See My Baby Tonight (The Guy Who Took My Baby Away)' a sing-a-long repeat jaunt that has a great viciousness and join in and pogo end of set feel that surely will full stop any 'in the flesh' performances with gratifying glory. A wisely chosen moment this to throw in a genuine appealer that will meet the fans needs and those who want something easy to digest at this late juncture - nifty.
Snide Remarks are a good band both 'live' and on CD and my appetite has been whetted by this latest silver circle and so I could very well do with another catch up in the pit. Nothing to really complain of here, just a solid CD that has no upsetting flaws and no lack of desire. For long term punk junkies this will be a decent fix and that is where the market will most probably be found!

Dave Fungelpunk        6TH MAY 2015

Translation from Swedish music mag we could of tidied it up but its left how it was translated lol
I believe in this group that certainly has an average age of around 50 maybe but it looks like the tough old punks who play together ... They sounded like I had hoped they would do, I must say. You know when punk bands sounded dangerous in the 70s and it's about as Snide Remarks sounds, I must say ... It's not entirely wrong when you are the same age as the guys is about and then it is not surprising that one like this much because it's like this, I and they have grown up with. Think how much good punk groups there are really and it's great shame that not more people get to hear everyone. Snide Remarks In any case, such a group, which I wish every success and I hope that some or preferably all who read this will take a chance and listen to the group for their playful 77-punk is something you will like. 18/5-2015

Jag tror på denna grupp som säkert har en medelålder runt 50 kanske men det ser ut som om de tuffa gamla punkare som spelar ihop…De lät ungefär som jag hade hoppats på att de skulle göra måste jag säga. Ni vet när punkbanden lät farliga på 70-talet och det är ungefär så som Snide Remarks låter måste jag säga…Det är ju inte helt fel när man är i samma ålder som gubbarna är ungefär och då är det inte så konstigt att man gillar detta mycket för det är ju sådant här jag och de är uppväxta med. Tänk så mycket bra punkgrupper det finns egentligen och det är stor synd och skam att inte mer folk får höra alla. Snide Remarks är i alla fall en sådan grupp som jag önskar all framgång och jag hoppas att några eller helst alla som läser detta tar chansen och lyssna på gruppen för deras lekfulla 77-punk är något ni kommer att gilla. 18/5-2015

.Ox- Fanzine Germany
Older British gentlemen from Teesside UK with their second album „Resurekted “Until now I did not know the band and I guess that references such as. THE LURKERS, CHELSEA and ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE style probably comes  pretty close, as it goes here is twelve  tracks to digest ,now  down to business

Somehow it is already a time travel, as the CD turns its rounds, because I believe, the audience might lie particularly beyond 35 years . But that is also okay each generation have their soundtrack, even if it is tragic sometimes, but I know quite a few people  that  feel the need to be reminded of Retro scenes .
Who need exactly this kind of sound, who will absolutely  like SNIDE REMARKS.
Sebastian Walkenhorst
© by Ox-fanzine/edition #120 (June/July 2015)
9th Feb - 2016 - Cowpen Club Billingham
Thanks guys you really put our venue on the music map and put on a great Show 
Brad -Cowpen Club Billingham

….The Lancaster Guardian Dec.2016 


Ne Magazine Nov 2017 - XSLF - SNIDE REMARKS - LOGOZ - THE GUTTERSLUTS Gig  Review Cowpen Club Billingham
Revellers can expect great things as XSLF featuring Henry Cluney and  Jim Reilly from  Stiff Little Fingers will be bringing along three support acts to help warm the crowd up for their hugely anticipated set. The line-up will include Teesside-based punk rockers Snide Remarks, Newcastle’s LoGOz and Leeds four-piece, Guttersluts – all of whom have built themselves a respectable reputation throughout the North East and are mutually influenced by the likes of Sex Pistols and The Ramones.
XSLF Bassist Ave Tsarion said, “Both on the road and in the studio, we share that Belfast affinity that makes XSLF what it is – real, raw and rockin’. Personally, I love blasting out tunes to such enthusiastic rockers who appreciate music as much as we do”.
XSLF will play Billingham’s Cowpen Club on Friday 17th November. Advance tickets, priced at £10.00, are available from Tickets OTD are priced at £12.00.

GIG  Pre-view  The Fuckwits - Snide Remarks - The Amazing Space Frogs at The Railway Tavern Darlington 16th Feb

Darlington Punk Rockers are in for a treat this month as The Railway Tavern is set to host to an array of punk
Rock pioneers on Friday 16th February 2018 . Sheffield band, The Fuckwits, will be taking to the stage alongside Teesside’s
Own Snide Remarks and The Amazing Spacefrogs for an energetic evening

filled with raw riffs and blistering beats. .Punk-reggae four-piece, The Fuckwits,

formed in the steel city of Sheffield back in 2005. Their success was imminent, as
the release of their EPs, ‘Aural Graffiti ‘and ‘Wish You Were Here?’, were closely

followed by a string of countrywide gigs throughout 2005 and 2006. The next few
years saw the band writing and recording mounds of new material, leading to the

release of their debut album in 2010. The Fuckwits have since signed a record deal
with Headcheck Records, leading to the release of their second critically acclaimed

album, ‘Ideology’. 13 years down the line, they show no sign of slowing down
Drawing influence from such greats as The Clash and The Specials, the band has
taken to the stage alongside the likes of Stiff Little Fingers and The Damned, to
name a few. The task of warming the stage will fall to Teesside bands Snide
Remarks and The Amazing Spacefrogs who are both seminal acts in the North
East punk movement. Between them, the pair have played hundreds of gig
throughout the UK alongside iconic bands, with their music firmly remaining
in the hearts of many. Gig revellers are warned to prepare for decibels and lot
of them. The event will take place on Friday 16th February at Darlington’s Railway Tavern.
And it’s free entry


Resurekted - copy and paste

Darlington Railway Tavern Feb 2018

Skegness Butlins Great Alternative Festival 2016

Sunday 9th October 2016

Snide remarks Emerging from the chemical maelstrom of Teesside in 1982, Snide Remarks are renowned for their energetic rock ‘n’ roll performances fused with a hint of glam and shot through with classic punk.
After reforming in 2007 and following riotous gigs with 999, The Members GBH, and XSLF they are about to kick off the coffin lid and emerge into the light 

Check out the on-going saga of one of the UK’s hidden gems….

Dundee Oberfest - 2017