Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Party for Barney - 12th April update

A few people including bands have asked what happening with Party for Barney with the Corona Virus Situation at the moment we can’t say for definite until we receive advice off The Georgian Theatre we will give a update in a couple of weeks if not before - 

this is the latest information
At this point in time, all public events taking place within The Georgian Theatre and Green Dragon Studios (including The Green Room) are continuing to take place - except in cases where artists choose to cancel or re-arrange gigs themselves; in which case we'd let you know...

The advice from the Government to date is leaving small social enterprises like us exposed to all manner of unnecessary legal and financial challenges. By enforcing a blanket closure, a lot of those challenges would be taken out of our hands. We hope that the advice to date improves and starts to protect small organisations and businesses; as much as it currently protects the large commercial institutions.

We will be putting in extra measures to make sure that our spaces are super-duper clean (they already are thanks to our cleaning staff) - and we hope that local people will continue to support us and all of the other small businesses in and around Teesside who have no choice other than to keep our doors open in order to get through this extremely serious health crisis.

Please keep checking here or on our social media channels for up to date information.


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