Saturday, 7 March 2020

Butlins - Review Minehead The Great Alternative Festival

Snide Remarks are now almost ready to take to the introducing stage, the crowd has thinned a bit and maybe being that it is 7pm the call for food has gotten the better of most. 

Having had a very long journey down from the Middlesbrough area the night before and a stomach bug, this however didn’t dampen any of the enthusiasm  and need to entertain the crowd, lead singer Barry Walker as always straight into his deliverance of their 70’s style punk rock songs with a modern feel, energy is one thing that is not lacking with all the band, a really heavy full on Bass line, drumming that falls into the category of almost animal proportions this set against the wonderfully technical lead guitar makes for a tight sound, songs that you can dance to, songs like “Apologies” that you can bounce to and songs like “Millionaire” and “Dead Pop Stars” that just scream punk rock, all in all the crowd warmed to and enjoyed every minute of the crowd prowling front mans sweaty all energy performance.

Tonight’s main stages see the first clashes of the weekend. Choices to be made. Glen Matlock/Jeramiah Ferrari, The Adicts/The Undertones, The Members/Hung Like Hanratty. We understand why it’s necessary but that doesn’t make it any easier.  Deciding to try and see half a set by everyone, a plan that quickly goes tits up, we start with Glen Matlock and Earl Slick. 

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