Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Sun Inn Music Page

Dec. 2010
Absolute fantastic Night Snide Remarks and The Amazing Space Frogs to Ace Bands

Snide Remarks interview

Snide remarks interview 2011”
punk 77 thru to today -


“cracking night at The Eagle Last Night , one of the most energitic punk bands i have seen in a very long time. nice one. The Report were class aswell. ta ”
Vince Race - BLYTH MUSIC LIVE 2011

T.F.M Radio

“'Snide Remarks are planning to have a new cd out in 2010 go to the website have a listen, ive seen em theyre very good' " -GARY PHILIPSON, TFM RADIO”

2009 March

Middlesbrough 2010

“NORTH EAST MUSIC LIVE- Totally, Utterly, one of the best nights EVER! AFRAID TO SLEEP, SNIDE REMARKS & THE LAST FAKERS were all amazing and made for one of the best nights we have had to date! If you missed last night at The Princess Alice then you missed a stormer ”

Angie Talyor North East Music Live Oct 2010